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Down With the Witch [Closed]


Sayaka walked on in the rain, drenched from head to toe. She stares off at the cloudy sky for a second until her Soul Gem sensed an immense power emanating nearby. It takes her a while to locate the Witch and once she does, she changes into her magical girl outfit. Then, she enters the barrier, shocked to see what she finds inside.

It was that Witch’s barrier. It was just as Sayaka recalled it. Bleak, with nothing but black and white and silhouette kneeing down and praying before the very same monstrance. Sayaka stood, wide eyed when she looked at the Witch. She had a human appearance, but still, she still was the very same Witch she had killed a while back.


“No… No…!” Sayaka took out her sword, ready to charge at the Witch. “I… I killed you! I killed you! I know I did!” She recalled her last battle against the Witch, slicing and cutting her apart as the Witch’s blood fell on her and tried to stop her with its attacks. It didn’t waver her, not at all, because it didn’t hurt. If that’s really the same Witch that she slayed back then, then she might as well kill it again.

“That’s right…”

Sayaka began to walk closer to the Witch, her sword at hand and ready to counter whatever attacks the Witch will throw at her. “If I killed you once, I can kill you again. And again… And again…! I’ll kill you no matter how many times you come back!”

A foreign presence had gained entry within Maria’s paradise. What was it? Another lost soul seeking salvation from the outside world? No. This was not a normal human being. She sensed a power from this particular person. It was clear to Maria what this person was: A Puella Magi. Another heretic.

She broke her prayer and faced the intruder. It was a girl in blue with a raised sword. This girl spoke of very peculiar things. She had killed Maria before? Impossible. She hadn’t ever met this girl before, yet those words and the sheer hostility convinced Maria that this one needed to be eliminated as quickly as possible. A direct attack might only serve to further anger this one. There needed to be a distraction…

"You would kill me? How detestable…" she commented to the girl. "But I won’t say that I am not surprised. Your kind hunt after us. But all of you have some reason. What is yours? A need to sustain your life? A false sense of justice?"

As she spoke, Maria’s familiars remained within the jet-black ground. They acted at the voice of their master and slithered slowly towards the intruder. When they had their chance, the Sebastians would strike and fell their opponent.

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"Such a impudent dunce of a witch like you should have been dead so long ago." Izabel said then smirked arrogantly. She placed her weight on her giant paintbrush and began talking to the witch. When she had arrived in the barrier, no one knew nor should care. "How does someone so ignorant stay alive for so long? You're nowhere near powerful and not even appealing to the common man's eye."

Distracted by such brainless comments, the nun responded with much vexation. “The common man is blinded by sin. They venture out on a with no light to assist them. However, it is with my power that they are set on the righteous path.”

Maria rose from her place and stood erect. She looked down at the intruder from her hill. The twisted nun assumed that this girl was one of the heretics. What an obnoxious sight. She truly hated those who clung onto their wretched forms and didn’t seek to gain His blessing.

"My power is above all," she boasted haughtily. "Look around you."

Her arms opened outwards. She continued to speak. “All of this is mine. Everything within this paradise is under my control. The Lord has granted me this power. It is due to His blessing that I am able to save all. You heretics are only able to do so much. To say that I am weak only shows your stupidity.”

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"Then again, she could just be a born again Christian and everything isn’t as bad as my head is telling me it is."

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She rose her hand up, nervously rubbing the back of her neck, feeling really uneasy admitting this to someone of strong faith knowing she'd likely not believe her. With a small sigh and a small grimace she proceeded forward, "Well true, the original was made by his grace and guidance most likely, but I was not. My ah-- Friends intervened and helped create me."

And just what did that mean? Was her current self not of the Lord? There was only reason as to why one wouldn’t be one of His creations. Maria looked away and crossed her arms. Her thoughts raced to only one conclusion. The feeling she had when meeting this girl.

"Who are you?" she asked quietly. "Tell me now…"

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Another being had entered Maria’s barrier. This one felt similar to that of a Puella Magi, but it was more powerful than any other she had encountered before. It was horrifying yet full of awe. Immediately, Maria stood up to face this being. Her snakes arose from the ground alongside her. The nun’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the pink-haired being.

"What are you?" she hissed. "You are a Magi yet this power… It’s like that of His… What are you!?"

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Her lips curved downward at the girls' sigh. It would appear she seemed more frustrated by the question posed to her. Kazumi was not exactly the most religious girl. She attended church with her late grandmother, but she never got around to grasping the full value of having a religion as a core part of her life. "The Lord? Oh! The big guy upstairs that they spoke about on Sundays? I see you're religious then! Though I don't think it was the lord that created me eheh."

That was impossible. The Lord creates all. Unless she was an abomination. It was possible, but Maria could just feel a familiarity from this young one.

"What do you mean?" she asked while titled her head. "Surely He has also created you. All beings on this planet has been created with His guidance."

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So what do you do in your free time?

"All time is devoted to my prayers."

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She tilted her head.  Shadow magic users?  Maria didn’t really see them that way.  They were the ones she saved and her followers.  It was all that it was to the sister.

“I suppose they are…” she said answering sounding somewhat puzzled.  ”I had never seen them as nothing else but my followers.”

Closing one of her eyes, the sister then asked the man with a question of her own.

“You mentioned shadow magic.  Do you have knowledge in such a thing?”

Seeing her puzzled expression and ton he chuckled slightly figuring he should of been more clear on what he meant before he asked about them. He was just about to when she asked her own question and he continued to smile but shook his head. “I have very little knowledge on it actually and am not able to preform it myself, though I know a couple people with the ability of it, though the first is now deceased, and what I meant by shadow magic used was merely the ability that one used.” 

"I see."

Maria turned her back on the man and stroked her chin. Her paranoia only grew as she asked herself why this man knew about things like magic. He had to be someone who didn’t just have minor problems with the Church. There had to be more to it than this baker was letting on. He had to be a threat of some sort. The nun crossed her arms and looked back.

"Is magic within your interest?" she questioned.

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“Your version of saving is our version of slaughtering! Any human would think the same, and your opinion is most likely very different from other Witches.”

Izabel gasped. The greatest part of her life had just been insulted, and compared to something that sounded like garbage to her. “You dare to call my art wretched? I’ll have you know my art is wonderful, and will one day be featured in museums all over the world!” She spoke with gritted teeth now. If this Witch insulted her art again, Izabel would have no choice but to fight. “You haven’t blessed anything. Not the dead, not the living, nothing. You’re a sham, and killing people will only make you even worse. Every person you’ve blessed is now dead, and you probably made sure to kill them painfully. There is no perfection, nothing is perfect.” Izabel considered her last statement. She loved her art dearly, but it wasn’t perfect.

Izabel’s hands went into action quickly. The tip of her giant brush was in the air. She had yet to use the ability that had been bestowed to her against an enemy. She could create whatever she pleased with her brush, and it would be entirely under her command. She did notice though, that whatever she created could only last for 30 seconds at the max, and would only be able to strike once.

“Saviors?” Izabel laughed. “There is no Savior in a place like this! You may be able to speak, but intelligence seems to escape you. You’re logic is flawed, and only helps to prove that you will always be a killer.”

"A killer? A ‘sham’? I am none of that," denied Maria as she continued to glare at the magus. "My blessings aren’t the end of their lives, but a renewal. They have been transformed into a more suiting form for this paradise that I have created. For that, my followers give me their servitude so I would continue my work."

She laid her head on her hand. A small and mocking smile cracked upon Maria’s lips. It had seemed that a soft spot was hit when it came to talking about her lowly art. “I see that with your inflating ego comes with an increased amount of stupidity,” taunted Maria. “Perfection is in the Lord and also within us whom He has blessed. You are blind if you cannot see what I truly am.”

Maria’s arms extended outward. “But worry not. I can rid you of that blindness,” she offered. “Give up your life to God and be saved.”

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